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Why We Recommend Pipe Lining

July 5, 2021

You have probably encountered issues with your pipe system that are perfect candidates for the pipe lining solution. However, many property managers are either still on the fence about or are simply not aware of trenchless pipe lining in Honolulu, HI. But this highly efficient pipe restoration method can actually address many, if not all,…

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Main Advantages of Trenchless Repairs

June 30, 2021

Trenchless technology is preferred by property owners due to its success rate not only for sewer rehabilitation but also for gas and water pipes installation. When it comes to trenchless sewer repair in Honolulu, HI, Nu Flow South Pacifiic has the best equipment and qualified experts to carry out the project. Below, we talk about…

Potable Water Line

Signs of a Damaged Potable Water Line

June 28, 2021

Most potable water lines are located deep in the ground, meaning that it can be quite challenging to detect or confirm if there are leakages or damage that require potable water line services in Honolulu, HI. While this might be the case, there are still things that can clue you in on whether your potable…

Common Issues That Require Sewer Pipe Repair

Common Issues That Require Sewer Pipe Repair

June 15, 2021

Optimally functioning sewer lines are vital for a comfortable commercial space or complex. Needless to say, they need constant maintenance as the rest of the parts of your property. However, sewer lines are often overlooked as many property owners aren’t informed enough regarding what to look for when checking for sewer line damage. In response…

Pipe Lining

The Process of CIPP

June 11, 2021

Cured-in-place piping or CIPP is an approach to trenchless pipe lining in Honolulu, HI that our team here at Nu Flow South Pacific specializes in. The CIPP process is an alternative approach to excavation that restores the damaged pipe instead of replacing it entirely. If you’re not familiar with CIPP, or would like to know…

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