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Trenchless Pipe Lining in Kihei, HI

Nu Flow South Pacific is pleased to be among the local pipe lining companies serving clients in Kihei, HI, and throughout the Hawaiian Islands. As your source for structural relining processes, we utilize techniques that can be used on a broad range of pipes of varying diameters and lengths – including larger commercial ones.

Trenchless Pipe Lining – An Overview

Avoid damaging the planet while still getting the results you expect by contacting Nu Flow South Pacific about trenchless pipe lining in Kihei, HI. It is an eco-friendly approach to restoring your pipes, and thanks to cutting-edge Nu Flow technology, our approach to pipe restoration ultimately gives clients access to even more cost-effective, budget-pleasing, and convenient solutions.

Why Pipe Lining is Superior to Other Solutions

CIPP lining is simply superior to traditional methods. One reason this can be the case is due to the fact that pipe lining an existing pipe to a like-new condition.

Minimally invasive methods such as pipe lining are also appealing when the situation calls for it because of the ability to reline pipes where there are pipe bends or junctions or changes in diameter. What's more, the exclusive Nu Flow products namely Nu Line, Nu Drain, and Nu Tube can increase pipe strength even more than what's possible with an entirely new pipe based on independent tests.

6 Big Benefits for Your Business

  1. Fills leaks and prevents the adverse effects of tree root intrusions down the road
  2. Reduces issues with blocked or slow drains
  3. Boosts pipe efficiency and flow rate
  4. Bridges small gaps in pipe lines
  5. Can be used to repair pipes use for many different purposes, including ones used for commercial fire suppression systems
  6. Can be used for pipes made from many different materials, including concrete, PVC, copper, steel, and much more

How Pipe Lining Works

Cured-in-place pipe or cast iron pipe lining is an engineering breakthrough that has been revolutionized by Nu Flow. We give our clients access to environmentally-friendly pipe repair technologies that involve the use of tough, durable composite resin materials a flexible liner, these materials form a new pipe against the one currently in place.

When do we recommend pipe lining to clients?

  • Drains are slow or consistently backing up due to structural issues
  • Commercial pipes have been damaged by tree roots
  • There's a need to stabilize older clay or cast iron pipes
  • Pipes have cracks or other structural flaws contributing to leaking water and/or bad pipe odors

Start Your Project Today by Requesting a Quote

Find out for sure if your business or property can benefit from epoxy pipe lining by reaching out to Nu Flow South Pacific. Our client-focused technicians will check out the affected pipe(s) with a non-intrusive camera inspection, discuss your options, and provide an estimate. Call our team or fill out the online form today to schedule an appointment.

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