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Drain Cleaning in Honolulu, HI, and Nearby Areas

Whether your drains are backing up, emitting a foul odor, or you have a slow-moving drain, many drain issues can be fixed with a thorough drain cleaning. Let Nu Flow South Pacific get things flowing again with our drain cleaning services. We are proud to serve clients in the Hawaiian Islands, particularly:

  • Other areas in Maui, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, and Lanai

Chances are you have dealt with a clogged drain at some point, no matter how cautious you are about what goes down your drains. Given the frequent use of drains, all sorts of debris can affect them over the years. Things like hair, soap scum, excessive toilet paper use, and mineral build-up can cause clogs. If you have a commercial property, drain issues can be caused by food, grease, and debris that has been run down the kitchen sink or the floor drain. If you have a building that has multiple floors, like a hotel or apartment, it’s essential that the drains for each unit work properly. Each drain connects to a drain line system that is made up of several different components, that are designed to work together and connect to a more extensive unit called a stack line. Stack lines can easily become clogged and it takes a drain cleaning company equipped with modern tools to get the job done.

Signs You Need Your Commercial Drains Cleaned

Water coming back up through your drains is the most obvious sign it's time to contact us about a drain cleaning in Honolulu, HI, and the surrounding areas. Other issues that indicate an issue with your business drains are:

  • Multiple and persistent clogs
  • Inside, storm, floor, or roof drains that can no longer handle routine usage
  • Bad smells coming from drains
  • Water coming out of other drains when different ones nearby are used

Quick Drain Cleaning FAQs

Our Drain Cleaning Methods and Processes

Snaking may be all that's needed for some commercial drains. A more thorough method we use is hydro jetting. It's done by using strong bursts of water and an attached nozzle to clear away tree roots, tough pipe scales, greases and fats, and other stubborn materials. What's left is a completely cleared and clean drain that's free of debris, harmful bacteria, and odors.

  • Prevents Root Intrusion and Stops Leaks
  • Increases Flow
  • No Digging or Destruction
  • Offers the Structural Strength of New Pipes
  • Alternative to Sewer Drain Replacement

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