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Pipe Repair in Waimea, HI

When routine or emergency pipe repair is needed, put the Nu Flow South Pacific team to work for you. We offer excavation-free pipe repair solutions. Regardless of your needs and budget, count on our specialists to deliver dependable, lasting results for your business.

This is why one of the pipe restoration options we offer at Nu Flow South Pacific is Nu Drain, Nu Flow’s structural lining technology that enhances the structural strength inside-infrastructure systems. It can be a viable and sensible solution in many instances. One example: larger commercial pipes, or pipes such as sewer and vent stacks

Pipe Repair Benefits

  • Our coatings are safe for use on all types of pipes, including drinking water lines
  • Repairs can often be made with resin materials even when there are small gaps in pipes
  • Pipes used for fire suppression systems, and similar purposes, can also be repaired
  • Restored pipes can last for many years once properly repaired or re-coated

Steps We Take for Commercial Pipe Repair

The products we use to improve the results with our trenchless pipe restoration methods include Nu Line, Nu Drain, and Nu Tube.

Pipe Preparations
Any type of pipe repair in Waimea, HI, that we conduct starts with a non-invasive inspection of the pipe. This allows our technicians to put together a customized repair plan. After the affected pipe is inspected, the next step is to clean the pipe. This is typically done if the pipe will be repaired with trenchless methods involving the application of a new internal coating.

Pressurized Pipe Repair
When it comes to smaller, pressurized pipes or ones in hard-to-access spots, we may apply a new internal coating with compressed air. A liquid resin material – which will solidify and cover all holes or flaws – is used with this method in order to quickly and effectively restore the pipe.

Structural Damage Repair
If the damage is structural or significant, we'll apply Nu Flow's exclusive, patented coatings with a liner. The coating hardens and creates a new, highly durable pipe-within-a-pipe.

Common Issues Businesses Face Requiring Pipe Repair

Call us about pipe rehabilitation if you have recurring drain backups or increased needs for commercial drain cleaning because of slow drains. Other issues requiring pipe repair include structural damage from tree roots and age and pipe damage related to corrosive materials or accumulated debris.

Do you suspect that there is an issue requiring commercial sewer or drain repair? Check if there are:

  • Bad drain/pipe smells
  • Rusty or discolored water if drinking water lines are affected
  • Overflows and other drain line issues
  • Water where it shouldn't be in areas where pipes are located

Call Today for Pipe Repair Service

No matter what's involved with your drain or sewer pipe repair project, Nu Flow South Pacific is ready to solve the problem and restore your peace of mind. We will arrive promptly with everything needed to diagnose the issue and recommend a cost-effective remedy. Contact our team to schedule an appointment by calling us or filling out the online form.

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