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Trenchless Sewer Repair in Waimea, HI

Sewer lines are often an afterthought for many businesses and property owners. When fast, top-quality trenchless pipe repair is what is needed, turn to Nu Flow South Pacific. Our specialized contractors repair a wide variety of sewer lines, including cast iron, PVC, concrete, and steel pipes, with state-of-the-art methods that keep costs in check and cut down on disruptions to business operations.

Breakthroughs in engineering pioneered by Nu Flow have led to innovative repair solutions, including ones completed with patented products like Nu Line, Nu Drain, and Nu Tube. As the name implies, trenchless sewer repair in Waimea, HI, is done without digging a trench or hole. Cured-in-place piping is one of the most common ways to repair commercial sewer lines in a minimally invasive manner.

Traditional Sewer Repairs vs. Trenchless Methods

Dig-and-replace was once the only way to repair a sewer line. Traditional methods of this nature are done by digging to expose and access the pipe. The pipe is typically removed and replaced with a new one. This approach to repair, however, is time-consuming and leads to a messy property.

Trenchless methods restore sewer lines by maintaining the surface while still restoring the affected pipe. We do this by restoring the sewer line internally by inserting a flexible liner into the damaged pipe, with our no-dig, minimally invasive process.

What You Need to Know About Trenchless Repairs

Trenchless pipe repair for structural damage, like what's common with sewer lines, is often done with the CIPP method. It works by first inspecting the sewer pipe that needs attention and cleaning it. Once the pipe is cleaned and ready for repair, a liner coated with epoxy resin is inserted through an access point. When the coating cures, a new, structurally sound pipe will be ready to function for many years without issue.

Advantages Property Owners Can Expect

One of the most renowned advantages of trenchless sewer replacement is being able to restore pipes in a highly efficient way. And since the work can be done with a smaller crew and often in less time, repairs that are done without extensive digging can be good for your bottom line and property.

Issues addressed by trenchless pipe replacement include ones involving structural flaws created or worsened by sprawling tree roots and damage from age and use. Trenchless solutions may also be ideal for older sewer pipes that need strengthening.

Contact us if you notice:

  • Drain backups or slow-downs
  • Wet or unusually lush spots on landscaped exteriors
  • Odd sewer or drain line odors
  • Foundation damage

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Take the stress out of sewer repair by making Nu Flow South Pacific your choice for trenchless sewer repair. We're also pleased to be one of the few companies serving the area that take on larger-scale commercial work. Feel free to call us or fill out the online form for an appointment with our team.

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