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Potable Water Line Services

At Nu Flow South Pacific, Our potable water line services allow us to fix a variety of problems in homes and commercial properties across the Hawaiian Islands. Our Nu Line product is extremely durable and is not only used as a solution to prevent pinhole leaks, buildup, rusted water, and other common failures from occurring in the future but is commonly used as a preventative tool to prolong the life of existing potable water lines. Our no-dig, potable waterline restoration and rehabilitation methods use an epoxy coating that is environmentally friendly and safe for drinking, cooking, bathing, and everyday use.

This protective barrier is formulated to flex and bend and works well for pipes with a lot of bends and for pipelines that include changes in diameter. The Nu Flow epoxy barrier coating that we use is UL classified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 and is approved and UPC- listed. Our technicians are equally prepared to address unique situations and orchestrate and complete larger-scale installation and replacement work. We provide services to clients in:

  • Other areas in Maui, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, and Lanai

 All About Potable Water Lines

We address any issues that could result in a damaged potable water line. When potable water systems begin to age, common culprits include corrosion, wear-and-tear from years of use and operation, damage from accumulated pipe scale or hardened minerals, pinhole cracks, and rust or wear that has affected potable water pipe joints

These problems can make themselves known in a variety of different ways. You might see a loss in water pressure, or water actively pouring out of the damaged pipe. You may hear the sound of water flowing under flooring or within the walls of a building or home. A higher-than-normal water bill could also be an indication of a leak that has gone undetected. If the issue lies with the main line you may see an area where water collects in the yard or landscaping area of the property. If any of these issues apply to your home or business, let us remedy the situation. Nu Flow South Pacific structurally repairs any type of potable system. We rehabilitate water lines that are made out of a variety of pipe materials including galvanized steel, PVC, copper, cast iron, plastic, and more. Our services include small and large diameter epoxy pipe coating for all forms of potable water pipes ranging in size from 1-inch to 72-inches in diameter. Nu Flow South Pacific’s epoxy coating solutions are available for potable water pipes, hot water recirculation systems, fire sprinkler, and protection systems, building heating systems, chiller lines, and HVAC systems.

How It Works

Inspection - A technician will perform a full investigation of your piping system to determine the condition of the pipes and identify the source of the issue, such as corrosion or a pinhole leak.

Prepare - We begin by draining the water out of the piping system and using compressed air to remove all moisture. Next, we thoroughly clean the pipe to remove corrosion build-up. This process also prepares the pipe walls for the epoxy to adhere to.

Repair- Our potable water line repair is done with epoxy resin materials that are applied with compressed air. The epoxy coating is applied on the pipes until they are completely coated. Heated air is passed through the piping system to cure and harden the epoxy, resealing and protecting pipes from future corrosion and leaks.

The end result is a smooth inner lining that reinforces the existing infrastructure and improves and increases efficiency. All without the disruption and costs of traditional pipe restoration methods.

Nu Flow is proud to offer its Nu Line epoxy barrier coating technology for pressurized water pipes to business owners, governments, and homeowners. This simple but highly effective pipe restoration system completely coats the inside of your copper or galvanized pipe. The process prevents future pinhole leaks and protects your water from heavy metals. Other patented products used to rehabilitate pipes the Nu Flow way include:

  1. Nu Drain
  2. Nu Tube


  • Lower water pressure
  • Damaged ceilings or walls
  • Mold or mildew around where drinking water lines are located
  • Noticeable decreases in water quality – e.g., rust, unusual odors, poor taste, etc.


  • Mechanical Systems - We can help fix a range of systems and address issues such as pipe corrosion thanks to our technicians who are well-versed in an array of mechanical system needs.
    • Fire Suppression Systems - Get in touch with us when you need help with your water supply lines, sprinkler, and non-water-based fire deluge systems.
    • HVAC - Take on issues that affect the hot and cold water lines of your HVAC systems with greater peace of mind when you rely on our team.
  • Drain Systems - From vertical drain stacks to sanitary drain pipes, and from clay to fiberglass, all kinds of drain pipes may eventually need lining solutions. Fortunately, Nu Flow AK is adept in the best solutions for all kinds of pipe systems. This means we can restore all types of pipe systems in the most cost-effective manner.
    • Vertical Applications - benefit from Nu Flow technology that is best suited to restore vertical drain stacks, regardless of the pipe diameter.
    • Roof Drains - We are prepared to provide you with long-lasting solutions to roof drain system issues.
    • Storm Systems - Let Nu Flow SP give you the effective solutions you need to make sure unwanted inflow and outflow in storm drains are no longer a problem for good.
    • Sanitary Systems - As sanitary drain systems that lead to the main sewer line can experience issues from time to time, we can conduct the most cost-effective solutions and even installation processes to ensure they are in perfect working order.


  • The job can be completed with minimal disruption, ensuring that we leave your property as beautiful as we found it.
  • Epoxy coating in potable water systems can prolong the life of pipes for decades.
  • Provides clean potable water free from corrosion 
  • Epoxy lining pipes saves over replacement, by cutting the need to spend thousands on additional property or landscaping repairs.

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