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Pipe Repair in the Hawaiian Islands

The cost of sewer or drain pipe repair, even with complex commercial pipes, can definitely be manageable thanks to the way we approach the repair process at NuFlow South Pacific. We use patented and proven NuFlow technologies and techniques to permanently restore and repair pipes with as little disruption, expense, and fuss as possible. We offer epoxy pipe coating services in:

  • Other areas in Maui, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, and Lanai

Nu Line Epoxy Pipe Repair

Nu Flow’s epoxy coating system is applied regularly in pipe diameters of 1/2" to 12".

Epoxy coating pipe restoration of structural pipe and mechanical systems is a non-invasive process that uses epoxy to coat the inside walls of potable (drinking) water lines, compressed air systems, fire suppression systems, and more.

How It Works

We use certified, tested, and fully compliant methods for drain and pipe repair in Honolulu Hawaii, Maui, Kauai, and Oahu. Nu Flow South Pacific’s epoxy pipe coating is a minimally invasive alternative to traditional pipe replacement and is recommended for restoring old, corroded pipe systems to prevent further deterioration and significantly prolong the piping system’s lifespan. Like with trenchless pipe lining, the epoxy coating process is unintrusive and preserves the building structure and the surrounding landscape.

After pipes have undergone the process of being inspected, cleaned of rust and corrosion by-products, and dried with heated compressed air, the epoxy coating is then evenly distributed into the pipe using a controlled continuous airflow and allowed to cure and harden, forming a safe, evenly coated barrier between pipe walls and water. Nu Line is used not only as a long-term pipe rehabilitation solution but is commonly used as a preventative tool to prevent corrosion as well as leaks and preserve the life of existing piping systems.

Common Pipe Problems

Metal piping systems begin to deteriorate from the moment they are put into service. Buildings built in the 1950s and early 1960s typically lasted 40 or more years with few incidents of leaks. Buildings built in the 1970s often achieved 20 to 30 years or more of leak-free service. Older pipe systems using stronger grades of copper regularly achieved these life spans even with particularly aggressive water. However, mandatory chemical additives to drinking water since the 1970s have caused pipe failure in above-ground and below-ground piping systems in as little as 5 to 10 years of service.

Chemical additives react in a hostile manner in metal pipes, and corrosion can also result from high oxygen or low pH in water. Higher water temperatures corrode piping more quickly while inferior plumbing techniques or poor piping design can cause erratic water flow patterns that accelerate spot corrosion and cause fractures and other problems. The corrosion and erosion of pipe walls result in pinhole leaks that, over time, will appear throughout the entire piping system. Undetected, slow leaks over time can cause catastrophic water damage and mold growth.

The Benefits

Safe And Durable - Nu Flow’s epoxy is certified safe to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 by Truesdail Laboratories. The epoxy was developed and patented by the U.S. Navy and has been successfully applied by Nu Flow technicians since the mid-1980s for the U.S. government and in domestic, commercial, industrial, and other applications.

Cost-Effective - Pipe lining is as much as 50 percent less expensive than traditional pipe replacement costs such as repiping. Lining is a non-invasive process, so there is no destruction to buildings, hardscapes, or landscapes. Even in situations when emergency pipe repair is called for, reconstruction costs for repiping are as much as 60 percent of direct pipe repair costs and epoxy lining eliminates the need for reconstruction.

Minimal Downtime - The epoxy lining process takes a fraction of the time of traditional repipe methods. For example, a repiping job that would normally take a full 6 to 8 weeks can take as little as two weekends (or 4 days) for Nu Flow to complete.

Minimal Disruption and No Occupant Displacement - Nu Flow’s pipe restoration process is quick, quiet, non-invasive, and requires no displacement of a building’s occupants. When needed, temporary bypass water systems are quickly installed to provide uninterrupted water service so that occupants, businesses, and clientele may continue business as usual in an undisturbed environment.

Versatility in Applications - Epoxy lining can be performed in any metal pipe in any building, structure, or environment, above or below ground. Millions of feet have been installed by Nu Flow technicians for hotels, high-rise condominiums, hospitals, restaurants, airports, schools, museums, U.S. Navy ships, and many other commercial and industrial companies. Solutions are available for potable water pipes, hot water recirculation systems, fire sprinkler, and protection systems, building heating systems, chiller lines, and HVAC systems.

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