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Trenchless Sewer Repair in Honolulu, HI, and Nearby Areas

Experience the many benefits of trenchless pipe replacement and repair for homeowners, businesses, and commercial properties in Hawaii, Maui, Kauai, Oahu, and the rest of the Hawaiian Islands. This technology is yours to benefit from courtesy of NuFlow South Pacific. Let us help you have fully restored sewer lines quickly, affordably, and without the need to dig. We provide our trenchless services to business and commercial property owners in:

  • and nearby areas in the Hawaiian Islands

You May Be Wondering What Exactly Is Trenchless Sewer Repair

It's a modern approach to sewer line restoration that preserves the original pipe while re-lining the inside with an epoxy resin material. With sewer pipe repair, the work is often larger in scale and more extensive in terms of pipe width and length. Even with situations like this, trenchless pipe repair is often possible.

How Does It Stack Up to Traditional Sewer Repair?

At one time, the only way to fix a broken sewer pipe was to dig, expose the pipe, extract and repair the damaged pipe, and refill the hole. Today, however, less-invasive methods can be used–all thanks to trenchless technology. At NuFlow South Pacific, we complete sewer repair projects using the pipe lining method and Nu Flow’s patented Nu Drain pipe lining technology to repair and rehabilitate aged and damaged sewer lines.

Nu Flow’s drain and sanitary lining system has been successfully used in two primary types of applications: the ‘pull-in-place’ (PIP) method and the ’inversion’ method. Nu Flow specializes in the PIP method, where the liner is pulled into place, filled with epoxy, and cured in place. The greatest advantages to the PIP method versus Inversion are the ability to line multiple 45° and 90° angles and the option of lining specific sections of pipe without lining the entire length.

The other most common method of CIPP lining is Inversion, which is an alternate, less innovative technique, where the liner rolls out from the point of entry as it is filled with water, air or steam and, once cured-in-place, the end and connection points are trimmed to allow for flow.

CIPP typically requires two points of entry to place the liner; however, placement in shorter lengths of pipe is accomplished by using a push-rod system.

CIPP is inherently environmentally friendly. An enhanced wet-out process helps us reduce waste during installation. Less equipment on the job site means less energy usage and less emission.

Millions of linear feet of drain and lines have been saved using the pull-in-place process. We realize every building and project is unique and Nu Flow installers have the experience and technical knowledge to meet your specific needs, regardless of the depth of the pipe or the corrosive nature of the environment.

Common Sewer Line Issues

Aging Sewer Lines

Most facilities/structures built prior to the early 1970s had sewer lines composed of primarily cast iron and clay.

The primary problem seen in these lines is cracking and the bottom of the pipe rusting out. Common problems seen in clay pipes are root intrusion at the joints and cracks.

Root Intrusion

Root intrusion into sewer pipe systems is reported to cause 50% of all sewer blockages. Interference of trees into sewer systems is likely to occur in older systems and cracked pipes. Factors that contribute to damage include older pipes with joints, shallow pipes, small-dimension pipes, and fast-growing tree species. The cost associated with caring for root intrusion in the past has been expensive and laborious and unfortunately, is rarely a long-term fix

Calcification in Sewer Lines

Over time, calcium deposits from water form a crusted coating called ‘calcification’ which clogs up household pipes and drain lines, especially when hard water is in use. Once pipes are lined with epoxy, calcification can no longer occur because the deposits cannot adhere to the interior walls of the new epoxy barrier pipe.

Ground Movement Affects Sewer Line Integrity

Major seismic activity can cause breaks in sewer lines, but more frequently, minor seismic activity causes cracking and structural damage at the joints. The seamless, “jointless” nature of the PIP method means not only is the existing problem solved, but the new, seamless pipe will avert future problems as well.

Millions of linear feet of drain and lines have been saved using the pull-in-place process. We realize every building and project is unique and Nu Flow installers have the experience and technical knowledge to meet your specific needs, regardless of the depth of the pipe or the corrosive nature of the environment.

So, What Can Our Company Expect?

NuFlow's state-of-the-art approach to trenchless sewer repair in Honolulu, HI, and the surrounding areas begins with a camera inspection to examine the affected sewer line. What sets us apart from other pipe rehabilitation companies is our commitment to total client satisfaction. Our technicians will clean the pipe to remove any dirt, grease, or obstructions to ensure that the pipe is as clean as possible. We rely on Nu Flow’s patented, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) system to create a protective, structural pipe inside the existing host pipe system. This is all done without digging or destroying buildings or landscapes. This epoxy pipe liner creates a seamless, jointless, pipe-within-a-pipe that is used to rehabilitate deteriorating sanitary drains and storm sewer lines, including mechanical systems, with minimal disruption. Our structural lining technology is best suited for pipe 2 inches to 12 inches in diameter with specialty applications available for larger pipe systems.

Advantages of Trenchless Repair for Sewer Line Issues

Repairing underground sewer lines can be both the most expensive and inconvenient type of plumbing repair. Trenchless sewer replacement is a non-invasive sewer line repair service that can address a wide range of issues. The top ones involve structural damage from tree roots, age, corrosion, or soil/ground movement. These types of repairs would traditionally call for a team to excavate your property, adding significant overall cost to your sewer line project.  The trenchless approach to sewer replacement or repair is a non-invasive sewer line repair service that is more convenient, less expensive, and much less invasive than traditional methods. Epoxy pipe lining is a long-term solution for leaks and breaks, blockages, root intrusion, calcium build-up, water damage, mold, sewer backups, and increased flow capacity.


  • Prevents Root Intrusion and Stops Leaks
  • Increases Flow
  • No Digging or Destruction
  • Offers the Structural Strength of New Pipes
  • Alternative to Sewer Drain Replacement

Trenchless Sewer Repair FAQs

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