Spotting a Damaged Potable Water Line

Spotting a Damaged Potable Water Line

Nu Flow South Pacific is one of the leading providers of quality potable water line services in Kihei, HI.

We aim to help commercial establishments and owners and managers of these establishments by addressing the pipe issues that they might encounter. One of the issues we typically deal with involves potable water lines.

Potable water lines are extremely essential to commercial properties. This is especially true for establishments that are part of the food and hospitality industry such as restaurants and hotels, as well as hospitals and other health care facilities. So when there’s a possibility of a damaged potable water line, it’s crucial to address the issue. The following are some signs you can look out for in order to fix such as problem as quickly as possible:

Brown or discolored water

If you’re getting discolored water from your taps, it might indicate ongoing work involving the municipal water line systems. But the water is still discolored after the project completion, it might be best to consider a potable water line replacement. This is because discoloration is usually caused by dirt or rust in your water line, which is something that definitely should not be in water lines.

Low Water Pressure

Weakened water pressure is caused by small holes that continuously drain water from the water line. Potable water line repair is usually the best way to restore the water pressure to normal unless the problem is caused by something other than leaks.

Higher Water Bills

Water bills in commercial establishments are generally higher than domestic bills, but if you notice a sudden increase in the water bill, your potable water line might be damaged and would need a new potable water line installation.

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