The Potable Water Line Installation Process

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The process of installing potable water line systems is technical and rigorous. This is by no means an easy feat, so you’d need to get in touch with a provider of professional potable water line services in Honolulu, HI like our team here at Nu Flow South Pacific. Below is a description of how the potable water line installation process typically works.


Whether it’s a new installation or a potable water line replacement, our team starts off with mapping out the project plan to ensure that the water remains safe for consumption and that the water lines and how they are installed meet industry standards. We also make sure that we meet certain specifications, such as the required distance between the potable and non-potable lines.

Suring this phase, we also make sure that we get the necessary permits to do the installation or to do the repairs if we’re dealing with a damaged potable water line.

Locating the Water Source

The next step taken in potable water line installation is determining the source of water and its location. Water sources vary – it could range from groundwater, to lakes, or storage tanks.

Laying the Water Line

Our potable water line repair experts then determines where the potable water line will lie. The best location is where the water line will be undisturbed. Such a location is sometimes chosen by excavation as detailed by a surveyor, but other trenchless means can also provide accurate findings. The pipes are then joined together by either mechanical coupling or using pipe threads or a union.

Repair and Rehabilitation of the Water Line

Instead of completely replacing the potable water line when it gets worn out or corroded, Nu Flow South Pacific has patented and developed some incredible technological solutions to rehabilitate and repair water pipes. Furthermore, the potable water line repair is done in such a way that they do not disturb the ground by digging or excavating.

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