Red Flags: Do You Have a Damaged Potable Water Line?

leaks on walls

A pipe network is comprised of the sewer line and the potable water line. The water line supplies safe water suitable for consumption purposes, especially for drinking. The water in these lines utilizes appropriate pressure to reach various fixtures and taps throughout the property. Potable water lines can be damaged due to various reasons, but it might not be easy to spot the signs that warrant potable water line services in Honolulu, HI.

Luckily, NuFlow South Pacific specializes in addressing such concerns. Here are signs that you’re dealing with a damaged potable water line.

Indoor and Outdoor Water Leaks

An indoor water leak is an indication that can show you if your potable water line is damaged. Potable water lines, like other pipes, typically run underneath floors and along walls, so you can check your ceiling, floors, and walls for excess moisture. If you see such signs, close your main water valve and give us a call for potable water line repair.

However, soggy soil or uneven foundation may signify a severely damaged potable water line when it comes pipes located underneath your property. This issue prompts a potable water line replacement.

Discolored Water

A damaged underground water pipe could lead to dirt penetrating your water line. Discolored water may signify that the potable water line installation was not done properly and that dirt or soil is entering through cracks in the pipes. It can also be an indication of rust or corrosion, causing discoloration.

High Water Bills

A damaged water pipe could lead to an increase in your water bill. Keep an eye on your monthly water bill to determine sudden changes, more so if there is an increase in water usage that you can’t account for.

There are other symptoms of a damaged water line, but some can take a pro to spot. Being keen on any indications of possible leakage enables you to avoid potential damage to your property. Contact NuFlow South Pacific today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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