Signs Pipe Bursting Is Necessary

Signs Pipe Bursting Is Necessary

Some sewer pipe issues are inevitable—no matter how careful property owners are. There are a number of obvious signs indicating a burst pipe like water leakage, which requires prompt action At Nu Flow South Pacific, we offer pipe lining solutions. In case you need trenchless sewer replacement, seek our professional services.

If you happen to observe or experience the following signs, know it’s time to have trenchless pipe bursting.

Water Discoloration

This is a clear indication of rust in the pipes. Unfortunately, rust is a breeding ground for bacteria that are harmful to human health. Inform an expert near you to thoroughly inspect your sewer system — if there is a problem, it would be advisable to schedule trenchless pipe replacement.


Water leakage may lead to puddles around your compound. Once you notice any standing water, try to trace the source by following the primary source of your water. Once you establish where the water is coming from, contact a professional for trenchless pipe repair before the issue comes out of hand.

Fluctuating Water Pressure

A burst pipe causes unstable water pressure at your property. Reduced water pressure cannot push the waste down in your drains. Sometimes, the situation could escalate to the point where the water barely comes out of your taps. Nu Flow South Pacific provides the kind of trenchless sewer repair Waimea, HI, needs. Call our experts to perform the necessary repairs before the change in pressure damages your pipe fittings.

Foul-Smelling Water

Hydrogen sulfide is a gas that’s naturally formed in the sewer line, which causes a foul water smell. If you experience any odor coming from your sewer lines, contact our technicians at Nu Flow South Pacific to assess your situation and give you a quick but lasting solution.

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