Issues That Affect Drain Pipes

Issues That Affect Drain Pipes

It is hard to check on your drains regularly, particularly without the help of an expert. That’s why identifying if they are damaged is even more problematic. It’s a good thing that Nu Flow South Pacific employs tried-and-tested techniques to identify and fix issues that affect your drain pipes.

Oftentimes, the first noticeable signs of a damaged drain are either a foul odor or slow water draining. As the premier drain pipe repair company in the area, we have had many encounters with problems relating to drain pipes.

Below are the most common issues that affect your drain pipes:


You can easily notice this problem because of slow draining water. Drain pipes get clogged because sanitary towels, food refuse, grease, and all manner of objects that shouldn’t be sent down the drain end up there anyway. With pipe rehabilitation services from Nu Flow South Pacific, your drain pipes can go back to draining water normally.

The more significant issue with clogged drain pipes is that they are mostly underground and quite hard to reach. Thankfully, our team can accomplish this task with tried-and-tested methods that are minimally invasive.


Leaky drain pipes contribute to water wastage and can slow down the draining process. Leaks can also damage your property and cause cracks to appear on floors or walls. Leaking water can also cause rot and rust due to the reaction of water with wood and metal. Thankfully, Nu Flow offers pipe restoration solutions perfectly suited to such problems.

Our company also offers emergency pipe repair to lingering pipe problems that demand a quick fix. Our trained team always has you covered even in times of emergency!

Root Interference

Tree roots naturally grow deep into the ground where they eventually come into contact with drain pipes. It’s in their nature to burrow underground in search of nutrients, oxygen, and water, after all. With drain pipe repair services from Nu Flow South Pacific, invasive roots that wreak havoc on pipe lines can be dealt with swiftly before they cause further damage.

For dependable pipe repair in Kailua-Kona, HI, there’s Nu Flow South Pacific. With our wide range of services, we’re sure to keep your system running smoothly. Fill out our contact form to get your drain pipes in tip-top shape today.

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