Common Issues That Require Sewer Pipe Repair

Common Issues That Require Sewer Pipe Repair

Optimally functioning sewer lines are vital for a comfortable commercial space or complex. Needless to say, they need constant maintenance as the rest of the parts of your property. However, sewer lines are often overlooked as many property owners aren’t informed enough regarding what to look for when checking for sewer line damage.

In response to this gap, Nu Flow South Pacific has listed some of the indications that you need a pipe repair in Honolulu, HI.

Signs of Sewer Line Failure

While you might not be able to actually see if there are problems with your sewer pipes, there are other things that can clue you in on whether sewer pipe repair is needed. Signs such as gurgling noises in the toilet, sewer odor, mold on the wall or floors, moving or sinking patches in your lawn are all things that can indicate sewer line failure. 

Common Issues That Cause Sewer Line Failure


Line leaks commonly occur around a pipe joint. These are easily noticeable as you can see water build-up around the area. Once you’ve identified the cause of the leak, you might attempt emergency pipe repair as you wait for your plumber to arrive. One practical and fast fix is wrapping waterproof tape around the pipe multiple times as a temporary fix.


This is another common cause of line failure as pipes get old with use. If left unattended, the line collapses and blocks flow throughout the sewer line. However, once the pipe collapses, the only remedy is pipe rehabilitation through full replacement. As a commercial property or business owner, dealing with sewer line leaks or corrosion can be frustrating. To ease this burden, we offer sewer inspection and drain pipe repair. We also provide pipe restoration services for old and damaged sewer lines.

We recommended regular sewer system inspections and appropriate pipe rehabilitation measures to help you avoid messy and costly sewer problems. Contact us for quick and hassle-free sewer pipe repair solutions.

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