Materials and Tools for Pipe Repair

heavy-duty pipe cutters

Epoxy pipe coating is a method of pipe rehabilitation that uses a flexible liner coated with resin to create a new pipe within the old one. Epoxy pipe coating can repair pipes that are cracked, corroded, or leaking, such as sewer or storm drain pipes. We make use of the epoxy pipe coating method when we carry out pipe repair in Kihei, HI. Here are some of the tools and equipment that we utilize.

Heavy Duty Pipe and Tube Cutters

These are tools that are used to cut pipes to the desired length or to remove damaged sections of pipes. Pipe cutters can have different blades or wheels depending on the pipe type and material.

Pipe Sealants

Sealants are used to seal the joints or gaps between pipes or fittings. Pipe sealants can have different forms and compositions depending on the nature of the sewer pipe repair job.

Pipe Wrenches

Wrenches are used to tighten or loosen pipes and fittings. Pipe wrenches can have different shapes and sizes depending on the type and diameter of the pipe. Since commercial pipes tend to be wider in diameter, pipe wrenches used for these commercial pipe rehabilitation should be heavy-duty as well.

Pipe Threaders

Threads are spiral grooves that allow pipes or fittings to connect and seal with each other. Pipe threaders can have different dies or heads depending on the size and shape of the threads needed during the pipe restoration process.

Pipe Cameras

Camera inspections are usually done prior to drain pipe repair projects. Pipe inspection cameras are specially designed cameras that are attached to a flexible cable for easier maneuverability within the pipes. The footage is shown via a monitor that displays the live video feed.

Mixing Tools

These are tools that are used to mix the resin and the hardener that are used to coat the liner. Mixing tools can include a variable speed drill, a mixing blade, a timer, and a measuring container.

Application Tools

These are tools that are used to apply the resin-coated liner to the inside of the pipe. Application tools can include a spray gun, a roller, or a brush and are used via different methods.

Curing Tools

The resin-coated liner inside the pipe need to harden before the pipe can be used. Curing tools can include a heat source, such as a hot water, steam, or UV light, and a curing bladder, which is a balloon-like device that inflates inside the pipe and presses the liner against the pipe wall. The efficacy of the curing tool that the pipe lining company will use is extremely important to the success of the project, especially in emergency pipe repair situations.

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