Basics On Potable Water

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1. What is potable water?

Potable water is water that is safe to consume and use for everyday activities such as drinking and cleaning. It is typically sourced from surface sources, such as lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. It can also come from groundwater sources, such as wells or springs. While potable water comes mostly from freshwater, it still undergoes treatment to make it safe for consumption and everyday use.

2. How is potable water treated?

Potable water is typically treated with filtration and disinfection processes to remove contaminants and make it safe for consumption. This can involve the use of chlorine, ozone gas, ultrafiltration, ultraviolet light treatment, or other methods. Your potable water line installation should be done by an expert to make sure that the treatment process is facilitated properly before the water comes out of the taps around the establishment.

3. What are some common contaminants in potable water?

Some common contaminants in potable water include bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and chemicals. These can enter the water through sewage or agricultural runoff, or they may be naturally occurring. In case of contamination, contact NuFlow South Pacific so we can check whether you’ve got a damaged potable water line.

4. How can I ensure my potable water is safe to drink?

You can ensure your potable water is safe to drink by having it tested regularly and by using a water filter. You can also boil your water to kill any harmful bacteria or viruses. Do not delay potable water line replacement as it can expose you to health risks.

It is always best to consult a professional service provider for help with potable water line issues. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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